IMG_2849Here is a simple method of making napkins!  Hope you get a chance to try it! (Check out my previous post to see the matching Table Runner I am working on!)

First. cut out 16″ squares from the fabric. That is an average size; some people prefer larger napkins, so the size really depends upon your preference.

IMG_2827Next, you want to miter each corner which will automatically fold the napkins edges toward the center of the napkin. Here’s the trick to do that:

IMG_2831In the photo above you will see that I folded the napkin (right sides together) at a 45 degree angle (which is located right on your rotary mat). I drew a line 1″ across the napkin from the edge of the point… see that pencil line on the photo above?

IMG_2832I have included a closeup of this step in the photo above where you can see that I have placed a pin perpendicular to that drawn pencil line. I will do this procedure to each corner of every napkin and then take them to the sewing machine to stitch across that line. IMG_2840In the photo above, you can see how these miters have cause the fabric to roll toward the inside, which is great!

IMG_2839Above, I trimmed off the tip of the seam allowance (note the little triangles off to the side of the napkin) and then used my finger (or a pencil eraser) to push into the corner of the miter…

IMG_2842Then, above, I pressed those seams as they folded to the center of the napkin.

IMG_2843Here’s a close-up (above…).

IMG_2845Next, I clipped one or two stitches from each of those mitered corners so that I could then fold each seam in once again to create a finished seam all the way around the napkin. (see above…) Then I took the napkins back to the sewing machine and stitched all the way around the perimeter of the napkin.  You might want to use a decorative stitch at this point… makes a beautiful accent on the napkin.

IMG_2847And, finally, above we see the finished napkin. I made up 12 napkins in just a couple hours… It was a fast, fun project!  Hope you will try it and let me know how your napkins turn out!