The Drunkard’s Path quilt block is one of my favorite blocks. It is actually a very easy block to sew without even using pins!  The block can  be put together in a myriad of ways to create so many different illusions. Every time I piece together a quilt using these blocks, I am surprised at what fun it is to create different designs. I often add one other block design to enhance the result, as you will see in the quilts shown below.

I enjoy teaching this fast and fun method of sewing this Drunkard’s Path block together at my workshops and classes. Here are just a couple of the summertime Drunkard’s Path quilts that I am working on, along with one wintertime quilt!







The Fruity Melon quilt (top ) shows off the bright colors of ripe melons that we enjoy in the summertime. The Red/White/Blue Independence Day quilt (lower left) brings to mind the dazzling displays of fireworks we enjoy in the month of July. The third quilt is called Solomon’s Blue Ice… it is embellished with crystals and its cool colors remind me of the crisp snowy days of winter!

I have a number of other Drunkard’s Path quilts that I am working on … as soon as they are pieced, I will share those with you!  The pattern for Fruity Melons and  Solomon’s Blue Ice can be found here on my website: 

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