Welcome to my Tutorials

From this page, you can take part in some fun (and challenging) tutorials that I’ve created. Here, you’ll find the 2017 block-of-the-month, as well as some selected ‘How-To’s’ that I’ve put together. Click the various links below to access these hands-on projects.


2017 Block-of-the-Month

How To’s

How to make Napkins!

Here is a simple method of making napkins!  Hope you get a chance to try it! (Check out my previous post to see the matching Table Runner I am working on!) First. cut out 16" squares from the fabric. That is an average size; some people prefer larger napkins, so the...

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How to Make a T-shirt quilt!

T-shirt quilts are fun to make!  Supplies required: t-shirts, along with fabrics for the sashing, borders and backing. The t-shirt blocks also need to be fused with fusible interfacing, so you need enough yardage of fusible interfacing to fuse each block. (This...

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